Never did I think photography would take me on this exciting journey through a world of impressionism and textures.   And most exhilarating is that my journey continues.  It started as an obsession but I have since tamed it to a passion.  I am self taught using photography as my medium and I just love how photography allows me to create art.  

What you see is not always what you think you see, but everything you do see (and don’t see) comes out of my camera.  I take photos of most anything, sometimes using impressionist techniques to soften edges.  And when I’ve taken all these photos and start blending and playing around with them to create painterly images, I’m in my happy place.   

My name is Constance Fein Harding and I live by the sea in Napier, Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand.  Most of my works of sailboats and ships are taken from my window.  I love my view.

Before moving to Napier I lived in Waipukurau for just over 30 years with my kiwi husband and our four children.  My SH2 collection that includes works of the Pukehou Church, the Paper Mulberry Cafe, and that old house were taken during the last few years of living there when I started my creative journey.

My father was Dutch and my mother was a Belgian Walloon (the French side).  I feel contrast of characters is possibly what makes my work eclectic. 

I was born in 1961 in New York, USA and, as a diplomat’s daughter, I spent the early part of my life moving every 3 - 4 years from one country to another.  From New York we travelled to Chile - Teheran - Maryland, USA - Bangkok - Nairobi - Geneva.  I then travelled to New Zealand for a holiday, met my husband, and finally stayed in one place long enough to settle.  And what better place to settle than New Zealand.  

Thank you for taking the time to look at my work.

Purchase Information

My works are sold mainly through galleries as Limited Editions.  You can view works that are currently in the galleries here.  If the piece you want is not there, I am happy to work with the gallery to provide you with the art work.

You can find more information purchasing prints and cards here.

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